SmartC2Net Objectives

The future energy grids will face a widespread participation of distributed energy resources and have the need for customer-side applications that support the energy balancing in the low and medium voltage grids. Adding intelligence to the power grid requires communication and computation infrastructure, requiring additional investments. To be cost efficient, it is therefore essential to leverage existing communication infrastructures for intelligent power grid operations.

The SmartC2Net project will develop, implement and validate robust solutions that enable Smart Grid operation on top of heterogeneous off-the-shelf communication infrastructures with varying properties.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide a reliable energy infrastructure at low infrastructure costs
  • To position the capabilities of telecommunication operators and energy system integrators in the Smart Grid value chain creating benefits for all stake-holders
  • And to strengthen European research and industrial innovation in the area of Smart Grids via the combination of different research fields

SmartC2Net middleware and control functionality will realize:

  • adaptivity of control algorithms to monitored network performance (outer loop in the above figure)
  • adaptivity of network QoS and information access configurations to demands of the control algorithm (inner part in the figure)

The effectiveness of project results will be validated in representative use-cases of the active operation of Distributed Energy Resources connected to medium and low voltage distribution networks. These use-cases are investigated in three complementary lab prototypes.

The SmartC2Net results will clearly show that intelligent distribution grid operation can be realized in a robust manner over existing communication infrastructures even despite the presence of accidental faults and malicious attacks.

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