Adaptive Communication (WP3)

Wireless and wired ICT capability analysis | Software Defined Networking (SDN) | Information Quality attributes (e.g. mismatch metrics)


  • Wireless and wired ICT capability analysis

The ICT capability analysis aims at evaluating different communication technologies for use in scope of the Use Cases as defined by SmartC2Net. The most relevant wired and wireless ICT options are analysed via detailed simulation, considering factors such as indoor penetration for wireless, which is crucial for deployment of e.g. Smart Meters in households in varying locations. An overview of the selected communication technologies and their limitations in the use-case scenarios of SmartC2net is provided.


  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

An SDN controller is under development for providing an interface for Smart Grid applications to the underlying communication technologies. Thereby the communication networks can be adapted to transparently and reliably serve the needs of the devices of the electrical grid. Virtual exclusive networks as well as fast-failover are in scope of this activity.


  • Information Quality attributes (e.g. mismatch metrics)

The purpose of Information Quality Attributes is to quantitatively describe the accuracy of sensor information considering the impact of access delays and the timescales of changes of sensor information. The Information Quality is modelled based on QoS parameters from monitoring system, as well as the information access strategy and information dynamics. Those are combined into a single metric enabling optimization of algorithms for information access, network adaptation, and state estimation.


For more details, please see public deliverables: D3.1 and D3.3.