Model-based Assessment Approaches (WP5)

Stochastic model-based evaluation framework | Communication Security Analysis combining network simulations and testbed | Integrated simulation framework


  • Stochastic model-based evaluation framework

This is a model-based evaluation framework built using Stochastic Activity Networks, suited to quantitatively assess indicators that are representative of the resilience and quality of service of the distribution grid. Although at a suitable level of abstraction to cope with the inherent complexity of the modelling effort and related solution methods, the framework accounts for both the grid infrastructure and its ICT control system, both at MV and LV level. The focus is on the analysis of accidental faults and malicious attacks and their propagation through existing interdependencies. The results obtained from this kind of analysis can be exploited to understand the dynamics of failures and to identify potential system vulnerabilities, against which appropriate countermeasures need to be developed.


  • Communication Security Analysis combining network simulations and testbed

This security analysis tool provides a simulated scalable model of the communications involved in the voltage control of distribution grids where the network and the attack models are aligned with the testbed platform. Different testbed modules (standard communication applications and attack processes) are included in the simulation model in order to obtain the same information flows as in the real implementation. The simulation model is validated by comparing the outcome of the simulator with the test measurements. With the confidence to include the peculiar aspects of the real communication behaviour, the network simulator is used for scaling up the analysed threat scenarios versus the testbed and for obtaining comprehensive security metrics.


  • Integrated simulation framework

The integrated simulation framework includes a communications simulator interfacing via an offline co-simulation with the developed grid control algorithms. The focus of the analysis is on the scale-up effects with regards to communication technologies in the projects Use Cases. Thereby a validation of the results obtained in the testbeds is facilitated.


For more details, please see public deliverables: D5.1 and D5.2.