Testbeds (WP6)

Medium Voltage Control - Communication Security and Monitoring | Communication Technology Testbed | DSO Control for active distribution grid - Testbed


  • Medium Voltage Control - Communication Security and Monitoring

This SmartC2Net testbed addresses the cyber security of communications for controlling voltages in distribution grids connecting DERs (Distributed Energy Resources), deploying communication and security standards. With the objective of defining the QoS (Quality of Service) parameters required by smart grid control applications, the testbed focuses on the detailed evaluation of communication performances where application information flows are carried over standard communication protocols, M2M (Machine2Machine) cellular technologies by public operators and standard transport layer security. The effects of accidental network faults, performance degradation and intentionally malicious threats are timely signalled through a suitable online monitoring architecture.


  • Communication Technology Testbed

The main purpose of the Communication Technology testbed is to test and verify novel voltage and power/flexibility control approaches in the low voltage grid when operating over different communication technologies. The control algorithms can make use of different of-the-shelf and probably shared communication technologies like cellular (GPRS-3G-LTE), WiFi, PLC and xDSL. The simulated/emulated control scenarios can be scaled to the size of a typical low voltage grid by using a mixture of real and emulated communication hardware. As a consequence, the FTW testbed can be used to verify what type of control can be realized with which communication technology under which circumstances.


  • DSO Control for active distribution grid - Testbed

This testbed is capturing the three main layers of smart grid applications in a Real Time Power Hardware In the Loop. It contains the DSO control layers (Demand Response, Primary Substation and Secondary Substation Automation and Control) based on EFACEC solutions, a renewable generation plant controller, ICT layer (emulating different network technologies and their data traffic), emulators (renewable energy sources, storage and flexible household consumption) and smart meters connected to a grid simulator coupled with a Real Time Digital Simulator hosting large scale grids. The testbed can be used to assess impact of renewable energy sources in the grids as well as for testing coordinated control strategies on different layers. It can also be used as training facility for DSOs and other actors in the Smart Grids.


For more details, please see public deliverable: D6.1.