SmartC2Net Outcome

The SmartC2Net project will develop, implement and validate robust solutions that enable Smart Grid operation on top of heterogeneous off-the-shelf communication infrastructures with varying properties.

The resulting innovative middleware functions are illustrated in the figure below:

(1) adaptive network and grid monitoring

(2) strategies to control communication network configurations and QoS settings, and

(3) extended information models and adaptive information management procedures.

These middleware functions create awareness of the communication network properties and their impact on information quality, which is subsequently exploited by

(4) innovative flexible power control algorithms of SmartC2Net.

middleware functionalities

The effectiveness of project results will be validated in four representative use-cases of the active operation of Distributed Energy Resources connected to medium and low voltage distribution networks:

(1) Voltage Control in Medium Voltage Grid; (2) External Generation Site; (3) Automated Meter Reading and Customer Energy Management Systems; (4) Electrical Vehicle Charging in Low Voltage Grids.

Assessment of the resulting adaptive control system of SmartC2Net system in the context of these four use-cases is a core activity.

The assessment methodology will use a combination of model-based analysis and experimental measurements in lab prototypes.