Project facts

Project Facts

The SmartC2Net project consists of 8 work-packages:

The four use-cases are detailed in WP1 and requirements on the adaptive monitoring, information access and control solutions are identified. WP1 also develops the overall architecture of the SmartC2Net solution and analyses the related business aspects.

WPs 2, 3, and 4 develop the three core functionalities of SmartC2net.

These core functionalities are analysed in analytic and simulation models in WP5, where also the detailed security threat analysis is conducted.

WP6 integrates the functionalities from WP2, 3, 4 in three complementary lab testbeds and channels back the experimental results to the overall assessment in WP5 that concludes the project.

The interactions of the work packages are depicted below with the Project Management (WP8) and Dissemination & Exploitation (WP7) running along-side all technical work packages throughout the project.